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"I love the term evoking sleep in your child! It implies that your child already has the innate potential to be a great sleeper. Every child is capable of putting themselves to sleep and sleeping well. They just need the right conditions and space to learn that skill. ‌

I invite parents to take charge of their sleep coaching role and offer a sight to your child as one who has faith you can do this. ‌

What have I been evoking in my child, what would I like to evoke in my child and how do I need to be to evoke that?

If you can answer these three questions for yourself and hold that through the process of sleep coaching, your child will most certainly feel the security that their parent’s love holds them, regardless of whether you are right beside their bed or just outside their door."

~ Ashika Morgan, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Sleep Coaching Services

If your family is struggling with sleep issues, you don’t have to do it alone.

There is another way, one that involves gently guiding your child towards independent sleep. Know that as your Gentle Sleep Coach I am here to support you in this journey, to hold the vision of what’s possible and the faith you and your child will get there.


Teach your 6 month - 6 year old how to put themselves to sleep and stay asleep.


Build a solid foundation for healthy sleep habits for your 0-5 month old and shape them to be a great sleeper.


Target one small area of your child’s sleep that you are struggling with and get specific questions answered

Why should I Invest in a Gentle Sleep Coach?

  • you are struggling with night wakings, difficulty falling asleep, early morning awakenings, crib-to-bed transitions or transitioning a child out of your bed.

  • you seek a trusted sleep approach with a proven track record among thousands of families.

  • you want to gently teach your child how to fall asleep and stay asleep without leaving them to cry it out alone.

  • you wish bedtime to be a bonding time, not a battleground

  • you have or are expecting a newborn and want to lay a solid foundation for healthy sleep habits right from the start

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