Choose From A Variety of Support Services Based on

Your Need & Budget

Group Workshops

Short Targeted Calls

1:1 Coaching Programs

Choose From A Variety of Support Services Based on Your Need, Child's Age & Budget

Group Workshops

Short Targeted Calls

1:1 Coaching Programs

Gentle Sleep Coaching Workshops For Parents

There is so much I can share with you to better your child's sleep, whether your goal is sleeping through the night, consolidating naps, curbing early morning risings or falling asleep independently without protest. I will guide you step-by-step in creating a customized sleep plan and teach you a gentle sleep training method that has a proven track record with thousands of families.

This is your chance to get expert advice for your family, have your questions answered and leave ready to solve your child's sleep issues once and for all.

Along with your custom sleep plan, you will be armed with all the tools you need like Sample Schedules, Feeding & Sleep Log Templates, and the first 2 Chapter's of Kim West's GOOD NIGHT SLEEP TIGHT WORKBOOK.

How to Gently Coach Your Baby to Sleep Thru The Night Without Just Leaving Them to Cry It Out

4 Hour Group Workshop

6-18 Months Old


  • Understanding Why Your Child is Not Sleeping Through The Night

  • The Shuffle Method as a Sleep Training Technique

  • 8 Things to Set The Stage For Successful Sleep Coaching

  • Nap Coaching and Early Rising

Gentle Sleep Coaching Program

During this 3 week program, you’ll learn about key factors influencing your child’s sleep and how sleep works so you can have the power to re-shape your child’s sleep habits. I’ll help you get to know your child’s sleep cues, establish new habits and routines, and build healthy sleep associations all based on your child’s temperament and age. You will become confident in how to gently coach your child to become less dependent on you lulling them into sleep and more reliant on putting themselves to sleep, regardless of whether you breastfeed or co-sleep. I will also prepare you to handle natural life disruptions such as travel, illness and developmental milestones, so you will know what to do if you hit a bump in the road.

Gentle Sleep Coaching

3 Week Program

6 Months-5 Years

$653 Limited Time Introductory Price $570

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Factors Influencing Sleep

  • 90 Minute Initial Consult

  • Custom Sleep Solutions

  • 8 x 20 min Private Coaching Calls

  • Daily Sleep Log Reviews

  • Preparing & Empowering You For What Comes Next (Travel, illness, regressions)

Gentle Sleep Shaping Program

This gentle, slow-paced program is designed for families with a newborn (or one coming shortly!) who are eager to lay a solid foundation for healthy sleep. Although babies under 6 months of age are not yet developmentally or cognitively ready for sleep coaching, there is much that can be done to foster healthy sleep development for the future.

Each month you will learn

  • the elements that make for a solid sleep foundation and how to build on them

  • practical tools to cultivate healthy sleep habits from the start which will make sleep training in the future much easier or possibly even unnecessary

  • how to become more attuned to your baby’s unique cues and temperament giving you the confidence you need to soothe your baby and shape a great sleeper

  • how to encourage sleep during each developmental milestone

  • how feeding, attachment, soothing and temperament all factor into your baby’s sleep

  • gentle sleep shaping techniques without “crying it out” that slowly, gently get your baby ready for sleep coaching.

I will support you each month with a private coaching call and you are welcome to email with questions between calls. I can’t wait to share my wisdom on baby sleep with you so you can evoke these healthy sleep habits FOR LIFE!

Gentle Sleep Shaping

Newborn Monthly Program

Ages 0-4 weeks

$425 Limited Time Introductory Price $375

  • Sleep History Assessment

  • 60 Minute Initial Consult

  • Safe Sleep Assessment of Your Home

  • 5 Monthly Private Coaching Calls - 30 Minutes

  • 5 Follow Up Emails

  • Support Materials

Sleep Coaching Consults

Newborn Sleep Shaping Intro

Ages 0-5 months

$180 Limited Time Introductory Price $157

  • Learn the basics of Baby sleep Shaping and laying a solid sleep foundation

  • Foster healthy sleep habits from the start

  • Understand your baby’s current month of development and how to encourage sleep through that milestone

  • Sleep History Assessment

  • 60 Minute Initial Consult

  • Safe Sleep Assessment of Your Home

  • 1 Follow up Call - 30 Minutes

  • Support Materials

Targeted Coaching Calls

6 Months - 5 Years


These calls are best if your child’s sleep just needs a little tweaking or a little help getting back on track. They are designed for families that don’t need a full sleep coaching program and just want to target one small area they are struggling with and get specific questions answered.

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