My Favourites

Are you overwhelmed by the number of baby products on the market and confused as to which sleep tools you really need? Here's my list of tried and trusted favourite tools that I find helpful to have on hand.

I have created this page for you so that you don't have to waste your time and money trying to figure out which products work best for your family. The links on this page are affiliate links by which I earn a fee for your referral but rest assured that I only recommend products that I myself and many of the families I have worked with have tried and love.

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Essential reading for any tired parent or expectant parent that wants to avoid the pitfalls of sleeplessness.

Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook

The book includes a step by step guide for parents, is organized by age and by process and is key to sleep coaching success.

Good Night, Sleep Tight For Children With Special Needs

With its easy to use format and clear step by step guide, this Workbook will help parents create and follow an effective sleep plan for their kids with special needs-toddlers to tweens.

The Sleep Lady's Gentle Newborn Sleep Guide

Get better sleep for the whole family from birth with gentle proven tips, tools and techniques from The Sleep Lady®.

I•CODE Sun & Moon Kids Clock

This is a great tool for sleep training your preschooler to stay in bed until morning when they can't yet tell time. I especially like this one because it has a warm, dimmable night light.

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit

The Magic Sleepsuit is ideal for babies transitioning out of swaddling. It creates the perfect cozy, hugged feeling of being wrapped.

Happi Tummi Colic Relief

Only 100% natural herbal external remedy specifically formulated for infants with colic and stomach pain but is also a great tool to soothe any crying baby. Pediatrician recommended.


This is so helpful to have when travelling or room sharing so that your child can have a dark, private space to sleep, un-disturbed by their environment.

Yunbaoit Kids Visual Timer

This 60 minute visual timer is a great time management tool for children at bedtime who love to procrastinate and have endless excuses for dragging out bedtime routine .

Dreamegg Portable Sound Machine

A sound machine is a must have for any sleep training plan and I love that this one is portable and comes with an adjustable night light. Perfect for travelling or napping on the go.

Amazon Basics Portable Window Blackout Curtains

Black out curtains help babies sleep and nap better, especially in the summer when it is bright at bedtime and early morning. These curtains attach to your window by suction cups, which makes it convenient to travel with and fit any window size.

Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You

This is one of my favourite children's story books, if you are needing a suggestion for a new bedtime story!

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